UVA Hand Center Offers Innovative I-Limb Technology


I-Limb Technology pic
I-Limb Technology
Image: uvahealth.com

University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedics Chair Dr. Bobby Chhabra is a professor of orthopaedic surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Virginia Health System. Having won a “Best Doctors in America” award for several years in a row, Dr. Bobby Chhabra is also a team physician for the University of Virginia Department of Athletics and is the past co-director of the UVA Hand Center, which he founded in 2002.

The Hand Center addresses a range of issues concerning the arms, wrists, and hands, from congenital disorders to arthritis or sports injuries. The Center offers complex and sophisticated procedures that can be difficult to find, and is one of the few such centers that keeps 24/7 hours for emergency hand trauma.

One special procedure offered at the Center is the installation of i-limb digits. I-limb is an innovative prosthetic technology that can allow partial hand amputees to regain the use of fingers in a remarkable way. These custom-made prosthetics are attached to the hand and work with the body’s natural electric signals to perform very similarly to a natural hand. The prosthetic may then be covered with a silicone material called LIVINGSKIN™ that makes the hand feel even more natural to the touch. I-limb technology can help people who have lost up to five fingers return to a normal and healthy life.


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