Sports Medicine – Hand and Wrist Injuries

Bobby Chhabra pic
Bobby Chhabra

Dr. Bobby Chhabra, an orthopaedic hand surgeon, serves the University of Virginia’s (UVA) Department of Orthopaedics as chairman. Beyond his academic responsibilities, Dr. Bobby Chhabra supports UVA Athletics as a team physician.

Athletes exert incredible physical force when competing, and such physical force sometimes results in injuries that can do serious damage to parts of the body, including the hands. Occasionally, such injuries sideline athletes for extended periods of time or end their careers altogether.

One common sports hand injury, called skier’s thumb, occurs when a fall causes the thumb to bend back and tear the ligament at its base. Basketball finger, another hand injury, occurs when a ball hits the hand and sprains, dislocates, or fractures a finger or fingers. Athletes also incur wrist fractures, especially if involved in sports like snowboarding, wherein participants often catch themselves on their hands, putting great strain on their wrists.

Outside of sports, damage to the hands and wrists can result from using household machinery like lawnmowers. Moreover, certain workplace activities can raise the risk of hand and wrist problems. For instance, repetitive behaviors like operating a cash register can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.


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