Elbow and Ankle Injuries Common in Baseball

University of Virginia Health System
University of Virginia Health System


Bobby Chhabra, MD is a diplomate of the American Board of orthopedic surgery for over 10 years, and is Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Virginia Health System. As team physician for UVA athletics, Bobby Chhabra, MD, is part of a sports medicine staff that deals with orthopedic injuries such as those facing the university’s baseball team this year.

It has been announced that UVA Baseball players Robbie Coman and Jake McCarthy will be sitting out the rest of the 2016 season due to elbow and foot injuries, respectively. These are orthopedic injuries commonly encountered by baseball players. For elbows, high stress and repetition can lead to acute overuse injury; repeated throws at high speeds lead to tendinitis and ligament injuries. For ankles, sliding into bases or excessive training can lead to inflammation, sprains, contusions, tendon injuries, or fractures. Cleats can aggravate existing injuries.

As overuse tends to be a large factor, a period of rest is often the first solution. Such injuries can be serious, possibly requiring surgery. Arthroscopy of the elbow can be performed to remove bone spurs or loose bone fragments, repair or reconstruct ligaments.


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