Virginia Athletics Foundation Sets 2015 Fundraising Goal

Orthopedic physician and surgeon Dr. Bobby Chhabra puts his skills to use at the University of Virginia (UVA) in numerous departments, including the Department of Athletics, where he serves as a team physician. In order to support the teams and student-athletes attended by Bobby Chhabra and other team physicians, the Virginia Athletics Foundation (VAF) sponsors a series of fundraising initiatives.

In response to rising scholarship costs and new National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules regarding team travel, recruitment, and student-athlete support services, the VAF established a higher fundraising goal for 2015 than for previous years: over $16 million from its 9,500 members. Part of the proceeds from fundraising initiatives will go toward providing more than 300 scholarships to UVA student-athletes. A smaller amount will help fund the Athletics Academic Affairs Office, the Athletics Department, and UVA’s various sports organizations.

Individuals who wish to help VAF accomplish its goal can contribute in a number of ways, such as becoming a member of the foundation. The organization encourages current VAF members to recruit new donors or participate in the Take It To The Next Level campaign, which increases a member’s donation amounts in exchange for special benefits. Benefits include the opportunity to trade in points earned through donations to acquire tax benefits, season tickets for college games, and reserved parking passes.


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